4.48 Psychosis

4.48 final

4.48 Psychosis is composed of twenty-four sections which have no specified setting, stage directions or characters. Its language varies between the naturalistic and the highly abstract or poetic, an extension of the style which Kane had developed in Crave, where she had begun significantly to marry form and content. This staging is an experiment in devised theater featuring projections and extensive sound and music.

Performances at 8pm on April 21-23, and one performance at 2pm on April 23, in the Davenport Theatre. Tickets can be reserved here.



The first of two theater projects this semester, come see Constellations featuring  composition and sound design by me. Nick Payne’s play is an intimate meditation on quantum mechanics, relationships, and free will. You can read more about our production in this article by the Yale Daily News.

Performances at 8pm on April 7-9, and one performance at 2pm on April 9, in the Calhoun Cabaret. Tickets can be reserved here.

New Recordings

I thought I’d make a post to share some new recordings of my work. The first is my song The Windhover from the Yale College New Music Concert and the other is my Études for string trio and electronics, which was performed at the New Music Cooperative Winter Concert.



I would also recommend listening to the rest of the recordings from the NMC Winter Concert, everything sounded great and the concert was a huge success.

I’m involved in some pretty interesting theatrical productions this April, so stay tuned!